Ziad Sabek

Chief Risk Officer

Joined CI Assets Management in July 2008, with more 16 years of experience in the banking and investment banking fields.

Responsible for developing appropriate risk measures, develop and maintain a clear understanding of all process documents, procedures and related materials which serve guidelines and policy, analyzing and assessing risks to provide the basis for risk evaluation and the decisions concerning the risk treatment to safeguard the company against risks in perspective to investment and operational risk. In addition, Mr. Sabek actively participate in business reviews to assess adequacy for risk management and controls.

Prior To that, Mr. Sabek was responsible for the formulation and implementation of the investment policy and strategy in all Equity funds mandates under management and was a member of the investment committee.

Prior to joining CI Asset Management, Mr. Sabek was an Associate in the Investment Exposure Management in CIB, Egypt. His responsibilities included checking the investment packages prepared by the Private Equity Department prior the final approval of the investment committee. He was also managing the GCC trading portfolio.

Completed the CIB Credit Course based on Chase Manhattan standards in 2005.

Graduated from the American College in London (ACL) with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree